Multaqa a Platform to Discuss Problems and Future of Muslims – Dr Mahathir

SEPANG, There is a need to identify the reason Muslims now are facing pressures from various parties in different arenas without being able to defend themselves and ward off their misfortune, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said the holding of the multaqa programme, which is a meeting of several parties, is a platform for discussing the problems and future of Muslims.

Dr Mahathir said thorough discussions were needed to know and understand the problems of Muslims, and only after the causes were identified could the ways and means be worked out to resolve the problems.

When we make efforts to organise multaqa it is definitely because we realise the need to discuss the problems facing Islam and Muslims and to seek solutions for them, he said at the Multaqa Ulama Asia Tenggara 2019 programme here today.

He said the discussions at multaqa would expose the living conditions of Muslims and the reasons they were not prosperous and not in a safe situation.

Determining the cause is part of efforts to settle problems. I pray that this multaqa can identify the cause in an honest and sincere manner.

It is not rational to depend on other people to act so that we can reap the benefits. It is more rational to determine where our mistakes are, he said at the multaqa, organised by Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia and the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council.

Tracing the history of the glorious Islamic civilisation, Dr Mahathir said the Islamic nations and Muslims at that time were a model for other communities to follow and at one time, Europeans had used Islamic civilisation for their Renaissance.

However, after Islamic civilisation had reached its peak, it suffered a decline causing Muslim countries to be attacked and conquered by Westerners, he said.

Surely the question arises as to why previously after the ignorant group accepted Islam, they managed to build a high civilisation which controlled regions from China in the East to Spain in the West.

Isn't it possible for us to revive this civilisation? Isn't it possible for us to be prosperous again and live in a safe and peaceful situation of Rahmatan Lil-Alamin (Mercy for All)?

Did Islam itself become an obstacle or are the enemies of Islam posing an obstacle? he said.

Dr Mahathir said Islam is not just a religion or belief but is also a way of life.

What is the Islamic way of life? For sure our way of life as Muslims should be guided by the teachings of Islam, especially what is in the Quran. For this we target the prosperity and peace of Rahmatan Lil-alamin, he added.

Source: Office of the Prime Minster Malaysia