Malaysian Animation Series ‘Mechamato’ Grabs Local, International Attention

KUALA LUMPUR— Monsta’s latest animated series, Mechamato has grabbed the attention of local and international fans despite not yet been aired on television.

Monsta, a Malaysian animation company in a statement Tuesday, said that internationally, media portal C21Media from London, United Kingdom has listed the animated series among the 50 most anticipated television series worldwide for this year.

Monsta’s Head of International Brand and Sales, Faiz Zainal Aabidin in the same statement also thanked the audience and fans for their support of the Monsta animated series.

Monsta said that the Mechamato Series will begin airing throughout Asia Pacific, including in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand on Dec 4, and in Japan in March 2022 via the Cartoon Network channel.

It said Cartoon Network channel subscribers can watch a special ‘sneak peek’ episode a month earlier, on Nov 6.

“This series is currently in the process of dubbing into various languages including Korean and Japanese in preparation for the international market,” it said.

‘Mechamato The Animated Series’ is distributed by the world’s second-leading distributor, Jetpack Distribution from Europe as Monsta’s official distributor outside the Asia Pacific.