The Parliament Lecture Series 2.0 will continue as a monthly event, to allow members of the public to provide their views on good governance, said Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Datuk Johari Abdul.

He said this is important because Parliament is not only an institution which manages national legislation, but also plays a role in shaping authoritative leadership for the future.

“Therefore, taking the spirit to raise the dignity of the country, through fair and equitable governance in implementing holistic policies, we plan to hold this series of lectures every month for a period of five years.

“It has been agreed upon by the Dewan Negara president, Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim, because we want to jointly open the widest possible space to anyone who wants to give their views,” he said when officiating the 2023 Parliament Lecture Series 2.0, entitled ‘Budi Membentuk Tamadun Dalam Konteks Masyarakat MADANI’, at the Parliament building today.

Johari said that in the national development agenda, all parties must have an awareness to give a synergistic effort to effectively shape the national administration strategy.

However, the effort, he said, should emphasise economic and cultural empowerment based on values, ethics or morals.

“Accordingly, the empowerment of people-centric institutions, institutional reforms, policy debates and discourses in the public space, which are indeed among the fields of action of civil society, must always be based on principles, values, ethics and morals which are not only universal, but must also be fair and balanced, by also taking into consideration the factors of religion, culture and social sensitivity which are dynamic in nature.

“The people represented by the civil society movement should also act in unison, fully aware of the responsibility, and play a positive role in the agenda of upholding values, morals and ethics,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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