The National Safety and Security Watch Group (NSSWG) Award Ceremony 2022 was held at Orchard Hotel Singapore on Wednesday, 28 September 2022. The NSSWG award recognises members at the national level for their collaboration with the SPF and SCDF in enhancing the safety and security of their workplaces.


Fifty-seven Safety and Security Watch Group (SSWG) members received the prestigious Outstanding Cluster and Individual awards from Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development. Another 80 members were presented the SSWG Cluster, Individual and Commendation Awards.


Safety and Security Watch Group – Staying Vigilant in Turbulent Times


The SSWG is a crucial network that has allowed SPF and SCDF to work with building owners to enhance their overall preparedness and readiness against attacks. The SSWG has also been instrumental in supporting the SGSecure movement to prepare organisations to deal with incidents and contingencies. The SPF and SCDF will continue to organise meetings, courses, and seminars to keep SSWG members updated on the latest threats and protective measures available.


Threat-Oriented Person Screening Integrated System (TOPSIS) Awards


In addition, 18 organisations received the TOPSIS awards at this year’s event. TOPSIS is a security enhancement programme that was first implemented at the border checkpoints from 2009 to enhance aviation and border security whereby the checkpoint communities were trained to identify suspicious persons to be subjected for enhanced checks. As TOPSIS is also useful for places with high human traffic, it was further expanded to enhance the security of organisations from the tourism, transport, energy, education and religious sectors. TOPSIS also supports the SGSecure initiative by promoting the vigilance of communities who are equipped with the TOPSIS skillset of reporting suspicious persons and items.


Eight organisations received the TOPSIS Special Commendation and Outstanding Awards from MOS Sun and another 10 organisations received the TOPSIS High Commendation and Commendation Awards.



Source: Singapore Police Force