Laos On Alert As Typhoon Mulan Approaches

VIENTIANE, Aug 11 (NNN-KPL) – Typhoon Mulan will pass over Laos until Saturday, bringing thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds, putting some provinces at risk of flooding and landslides, the weather bureau of Laos, warned.

According to a report issued yesterday, by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, under the Lao Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment, the typhoon is heading towards the northern region of Vietnam, from yesterday to today, and then moving into Laos from tomorrow to Saturday, causing moderate to heavy rain across the country.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, thunderstorms and torrential rain with gusting winds can be expected in the southern provinces of Attapeu, Champasak, Sekong and Saravan.

From Thursday to Saturday, heavy rain and strong winds will affect the northern and central provinces, including Lao capital, Vientiane.

The department advised people across the country that, they should keep track of weather forecasts over the next few days, so they can prepare to move their valuables and animals, to a safer place, if necessary.

Source: Nam News Network