Japan To Launch New Domestic Travel Subsidy Programme Next Month

TOKYO– The Japanese government will run a new domestic tourism subsidy programme, from Oct 11 to late Dec, in a bid to revitalise its tourism industry, hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tourism Minister, Tetsuo Saito, said, yesterday.


The National Travel Discount programme will offer financial assistance of up to 11,000 yen (76 U.S. dollars) in discounts and coupons, per traveller per day, which can be used for meals, shopping and accommodation expenses, Saito told a press conference.


The nationwide programme comes in the wake of the “Go To Travel” subsidy programme and builds on similar existing travel discount schemes operating at the prefectural level.


The “Go To Travel” campaign launched in Jul, 2020, had benefited a total of 87.81 million people, by effectively covering half of a traveller’s expenses.


The new subsidy programme was initially planned to start in early July but was delayed due to the seventh wave of COVID-19 infections in Japan.


The Japanese government will also start a discount programme on Oct 11, to support entertainment and other events, for people who have received at least three COVID-19 vaccine doses, or can present proof of a negative COVID-19 test, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Under the scheme, a 20-percent discount of up to 2,000 yen (14 U.S. dollars) will be offered to a visitor, for events scheduled to be held by the end of Jan, next year, at theme parks and sports and music venues.



Source: Nam News Network