The Chinese Ambassador sends a letter to Chinese compatriots in Malaysia: “To accompany you to celebrate the New Year together”

China News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, January 28 (Reporter Chen Yue) Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Ouyang Yujing sent a letter to all Chinese compatriots in Malaysia on the 28th, calling on them to “fight the epidemic on the spot and celebrate the New Year at home” and said that the embassy will be everyone Strong backing, to give all kinds of help within their ability.

Ambassador Ouyang said that he and his colleagues will “stick here all the time and accompany everyone to celebrate the New Year.” The embassy will distribute anti-epidemic items such as “Spring Festival bags” to the majority of international students and compatriots in need, and will also hold a cloud Spring Festival Gala on the eve of the Spring Festival. The ambassador stated in the letter: “The embassy will always be the strong backing of our compatriots. We will try our best to provide you with guidance and assistance within our capacity in daily life, protective materials, consultation, diagnosis and treatment, and respond to your reasonable concerns in a timely and effective manner.”

He said in the letter that the Spring Festival is getting closer, and the homesickness of overseas wanderers is surging again, and they are eager to return to their hometown and meet their relatives. The ambassador said frankly that as diplomats who have not returned to the motherland for a year or more, we “deeply understand and empathize”. However, the haze of the epidemic has not yet dissipated, and the pressure on domestic prevention and control has continued to increase recently. “In order for every overseas compatriot to return to normal as soon as possible, and for the country’s development and construction to progress more smoothly, we sincerely call on our compatriots to’fight the epidemic on the spot and celebrate the New Year at home’.”

Ambassador Ouyang pointed out in the letter that the Chinese government and people actively support Malaysia in its fight against the epidemic through multiple channels and methods. At the same time, the party and the government are always concerned about the health and safety of overseas compatriots, and the embassy is always thinking about everyone. While continuously strengthening cooperation in prevention and control with Malaysia, we actively provide consular services to my fellow Malaysians, issue consular reminders in a timely manner to help everyone understand the epidemic and related policies, patiently answer compatriots’ requests for help, and promote scientific prevention and control knowledge and remote networks. The health consultation platform assists critically ill compatriots to obtain timely and effective treatment, and actively distributes health packs to compatriots in difficulties.

He also said that in this arduous battle against the epidemic, compatriots in Malaysia have always been concerned about Sangzi, actively donated money and materials, fully supported the motherland in fighting the epidemic, cooperated with anti-epidemic measures, and made a positive contribution to foreign imports. Take this opportunity to express my sincere respect and gratitude to the Chinese compatriots in Malaysia!

In his letter, the ambassador called for compatriots in Malaysia to maintain confidence and actively cooperate. We believe that as long as the governments and people of the two countries are committed, help each other, calmly, and respond scientifically, they will definitely be able to overcome the epidemic, meet the dawn of victory together, and jointly create a bright future for China and Malaysia!



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council