China-Vietnam Business Opportunity Matchmaking Conference was held to jointly seek new opportunities for cooperation

Xin Zhong She Beijing January 22 Dian  Vietnam Opportunities Matchmaking January 22 was held by video form. Xu Ningning, executive director of the China-ASEAN Business Council, said that 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the dialogue partnership between China and ASEAN, the year of China-ASEAN sustainable development cooperation, and the key year for China and ASEAN countries to fight the epidemic. At present, Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises should enhance mutual exchanges and cooperation, and actively meet business opportunities.

In 2020, China is the only economic growth country in the world’s major economies, and Vietnam has also achieved economic growth against the trend. In the economic growth of Vietnam in 2020, the processing and manufacturing industry will increase by 5.82%, the construction industry will increase by 6.76%, the wholesale and retail industry will increase by 5.53%, and the finance, banking and insurance industry will increase by 6.87%. The foreign trade surplus for the year was 19.1 billion U.S. dollars, which was a record high for five consecutive years.

Xu Ningning stated that the bilateral trade volume between China and Vietnam in 2020 will be close to 200 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for nearly 30% of China-ASEAN trade volume in the same period. The main industries where Sino-Vietnamese trade grows are processing and manufacturing products and building materials. He suggested that the “Belt and Road” and the “Two Corridors and One Ring” should be further connected and cooperation, and the potential of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries should be explored continuously; under the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, the two countries should jointly maintain the stability of the supply chain and smooth trade of the two countries; Cooperation to create a new industrial chain with complementary advantages and promote industrial upgrading.

The meeting was co-sponsored by the China -ASEAN Business Council and the Vietnamese Embassy in China, and the co-organizer Harbin Zhongyi Sunshine Linen Textile Co., Ltd. Liu Xin, the executive secretary of the China-ASEAN Business Council, said when presiding over the meeting that China and Vietnam are complementary to each other in economy and trade, and demand is strong. , To meet the needs of economic and trade development.

The chief commercial officer of the Vietnamese Embassy in China, Nong Dulai, said that with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic causing a great impact on the global economy , Vietnam’s economy will grow by 2.91% in 2020, the added value of industrial production will grow by 3.36%, and foreign trade will grow by 5.1%. These achievements have created a good foundation for Vietnam’s economic development in 2021, and also made foreign investors full of confidence in Vietnam’s development prospects.

Nong Delai said that there are many advantages in investment and business opportunities in Vietnam, which are mainly reflected in the following: First, it has abundant labor resources. Vietnam has a population of more than 96 million. The labor cost is currently lower than that of many ASEAN countries; Preferential policies, including taxation, land lease fees, etc., provide convenience and incentives for foreign-funded enterprises, and the government assists and develops infrastructure and public facilities for investment projects; third, Vietnam has signed 15 multilateral and bilateral free trade agreements, of which 13 It has been implemented, which will help investors in Vietnam enjoy preferential tariffs on import and export of goods.



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council