RCEP member states discuss cooperation opportunities with China

At the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) Open Opportunities (Guiyang) Seminar” held on the 20th, representatives from many RCEP member states expressed their hope to strengthen cooperation with industry players in developed regions that are not limited to China. Similar cities in Guiyang tap the potential for cooperation.

Xu Ningning, executive director of the   China -ASEAN Business Council, said that the signing of RCEP has brought Asia-Pacific regional integration into a new stage of development. The good use of free trade agreements is related to the opening and development of domestic industries and localities, and the management of enterprises. Many provinces and cities can take advantage of the new opportunities for trade and investment cooperation brought by RCEP.

Guiyang, the host city of the conference, is highly complementary in industries with RCEP member countries, and has a bright prospect for economic and trade cooperation. As the eighth national-level new area approved by the State Council, Gui’an New Area has a positive desire to cooperate with RCEP member states. Zhao Deming, secretary of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, stated that he will take the RCEP signing as an opportunity to promote the high-level opening up of Guiyang City and Gui’an New Area from a higher starting point, and deepen development docking, communication, industry complementarity, and trade exchanges with all relevant parties to accelerate the promotion. All parties are connected to each other in terms of commodities, capital, technology, and personnel, and promote each other to better share development opportunities and dividends.

Indonesian Ambassador to China Zhou Haoli said that the signing of RCEP sends a signal to the world and companies that countries in the region are deepening and expanding economic cooperation. RCEP is expected to play an important role in promoting economic and trade relations between member countries and between Indonesia and China. Guizhou Province has great potential for economic development. It is hoped that the cooperation between Indonesia and Guizhou Province in agriculture, mining, and service industries will be strengthened in the implementation of RCEP.

Malaysian Ambassador to China Raja Datuk Noshwan Jaina Abidin said that RCEP encourages high-quality investment and encourages cooperation in knowledge-intensive industries, renewable energy, green economy, e-commerce and other fields. These are very important. Potential development cooperation space. Malaysia is very willing to strengthen cooperation with China and Guizhou Province, especially through RCEP and the “Belt and Road” cooperation.



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council