Guiyang embraces RECP opening opportunities and builds the world’s largest free trade zone

With the successful signing of the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” ( RCEP), the world’s largest free trade zone, accounting for nearly one-third of the global economy, 27.4% of the world’s total trade, and 30% of the world’s population, will be officially formed. A new chapter of regional open development, sharing and win-win.

On the morning of January 20, 2021, the “RECP Opening Opportunity Guiyang Seminar” hosted by the Guiyang Municipal People’s Government and the China-ASEAN Business Council and undertaken by the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce was held in Guiyang. The seminar adopted “offline discussion + cloud dialogue” In the China-ASEAN Business Council and the Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, online branch venues were established respectively. More than 100 RCEP member ambassadors to China, representatives of business associations, leaders of Guiyang City and Gui’an New District, heads of relevant units and departments of provinces and cities, and business representatives participated in the exchange seminar.

At the seminar, the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor Sun Zhiming, when introducing Guiyang Gui’an to the guests, said that Guiyang Gui’an is very willing to actively expand pragmatic cooperation in education, health, sports and other fields with RCEP member countries, and actively develop new crown pneumonia. International cooperation on the epidemic has made efforts to make greater contributions to the pragmatic implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

Xu Ningning, Executive Director of the   China -ASEAN Business Council, said in his speech that Guiyang has great economic development potential, and it has strong industrial complementarity with RCEP member countries and close trade and investment relations. All parties need to tap the potential for regional cooperation and earnestly promote industrial development. Practical cooperation in areas such as, trade, and services will jointly promote the real transformation of the RCEP negotiation results into regional economic growth. At the same time, the China-ASEAN Business Council is willing to actively help Guiyang City to seize the RCEP open cooperation opportunities and promote innovative and pragmatic economic and trade cooperation between Guiyang City and ASEAN countries.

The Indonesian Ambassador to China Zhou Haoli believes that the successful signing of the RCEP will greatly promote the economic and trade exchanges between the member states, especially the economic and trade exchanges between Indonesia and China. In addition, Guizhou Province has great growth potential. It is hoped that the implementation of RCEP can promote deepening cooperation between Indonesia and Guiyang and Gui’an in the fields of agricultural industry, minerals, and services. Malaysian ambassador to China La Datuk Nusirwan believes that RCEP will bring new development space and cooperation space, and further promote market development and cross-border trade development. Malaysia will deepen its comprehensive cooperation with China and increase its cooperation with Guizhou. Practical cooperation in knowledge-intensive industries actively promotes cooperation in e-commerce, green economy, and manufacturing.

The former director of the Asian Department of the Ministry of Commerce Lu Kejian pointed out that promoting regional economic integration is the common goal of RCEP member states. Within the RCEP framework, China and Japan have reached a bilateral tariff concession arrangement for the first time, and the proportion of tariff-free products will reach 86%; , Guizhou Province and Japan are highly complementary in economy and trade, and can deepen exchanges and cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, sustainable development, big data, tea industry, and manufacturing.

At the seminar, diplomats from Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and other member countries, representatives of business associations and local companies in Guiyang, from different perspectives focused on “open opportunities brought by RECP” and “exchanges and cooperation with Guiyang and Gui’an”. “Improving the level of opening to the outside world” and other aspects actively spoke.

Zheng Yi, executive vice president of the Korea Chamber of Commerce in China, said in his speech that Guizhou Province is an emerging market with huge growth potential. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated the development of non-contact economy and digital economy, and the need for international cooperation in big data applications has become increasingly prominent. In the next step, we will actively promote international cooperation with Guiyang and Gui’an in the field of big data, promote the application of big data in finance, manufacturing, energy and other fields, and continue to create new business opportunities. Zhang Jinxiong, Executive Vice President of the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that we are very pleased with the official signing of RCEP. China is the second largest source of foreign investment in Indonesia. In recent years, Guizhou Province has developed very rapidly. “Guizhou on the Clouds” is well-known both at home and abroad. Hope in the future It can carry out in-depth cooperation with Guiyang, Gui’an in areas such as ecological protection, big data, energy and minerals. In his speech, Zaw Min Win, chairman of the Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invited companies from Guiyang, Guizhou, to invest in Myanmar, especially in the digital economy and agricultural products processing.

Jiang Hua, chairman of Guizhou Wengfu International Trade Co., Ltd., said that the company will continue to strengthen the RCEP market trade focus, continue to expand emerging markets under the premise of consolidating and upgrading existing markets, and vigorously promote the phosphorus industry to a deeper level with RCEP member countries Strategic cooperation, prosperity and development. You Jie, general manager of Guizhou Tire Import and Export Co., Ltd., said in his speech that he will firmly grasp the RCEP signing opportunity, tap the market potential, and strive to achieve an annual sales increase of 20-30% in the Southeast Asian market, and steadily promote the sales of leading products. Market layout in developed countries such as Japan and South Korea.

The successful holding of the seminar has a significant and far-reaching impact on the implementation of high-level opening up in Gui’an, Guiyang. Guiyang Gui’an is a “frontier city” where China connects with the 10 ASEAN countries. The two sides have promising prospects in further deepening exchanges and communication, deepening industrial complementarity, and deepening trade exchanges.



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council