In 2020, Chongqing’s imports and exports to ASEAN increased by 1.8 times

On January 19, at the “2020 Chongqing Foreign Trade Import and Export Situation Press Conference”, Liu Haoyu, deputy commissioner of Chongqing Customs, introduced the specific situation of Chongqing’s imports and exports to ASEAN in 2020 when answering questions from reporters.

Liu Haoyu said that ASEAN is Chongqing’s largest trading partner. In 2020, Chongqing’s imports and exports to ASEAN are 112.17 billion yuan, an increase of 3.4%, accounting for 17.2% of Chongqing’s total foreign trade value in the same period. Among them, Chongqing’s exports to ASEAN reached 36.41 billion yuan, down 6.5%; its imports to ASEAN reached 75.76 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9%.

In terms of specific countries, the top three trading partners are Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, with import and export values ​​of 48.98 billion yuan, 22.75 billion yuan and 15.01 billion yuan respectively. In terms of imports and exports, Chongqing’s largest import volume to ASEAN is integrated circuits. In 2020, it imported 43.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%. It is worth noting that the import of agricultural and food products such as fruits will be more prominent in 2020. In 2020, Chongqing imported 3.72 billion yuan of fruits from ASEAN, an increase of 1.8 times.

In the same period, the notebook computers and motorcycles manufactured in Chongqing were the most exported commodities to ASEAN, with 3.786 million units and 649,000 units exported respectively . As the content of the RCEP agreement comes into effect, Chongqing will take advantage of its special location to make economic and trade exchanges with ASEAN, Japan, South Korea and other member countries closer.



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council