Chen Hai, Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar: “Hand in hand to fight the epidemic and develop together” China-Myanmar relations have entered a new era of building a community with a shared future

On January 18 a year ago , President Xi Jinping paid a historic state visit to Myanmar, which opened up a new era of China-Myanmar building a community of shared future. Recently, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi visited Myanmar to have in-depth communication with Myanmar national leaders on the results of the Chairman’s visit to Myanmar and exchange views on the next development of China-Myanmar relations. In an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Central Radio and Television, Chen Hai, Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar, said that State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Myanmar has been fruitful and China-Myanmar relations have entered a new era of building a community of shared future.

Myanmar is an important neighbor of our country, and it is also the first stop of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s first visit to the surrounding areas this year. Ambassador Chen Hai said that the results of this visit were very fruitful. China and Myanmar reached a total of 12 political consensuses and 8 specific results, which are of great significance to the future development of China-Myanmar relations. “The significance of this visit is mainly reflected in four On the one hand, the first is to fully implement the results of Chairman Xi Jinping’s visit to Myanmar. The two sides have reached a principled agreement on the text of the “Action Plan for Building a China-Myanmar Community of Shared Future” and agreed to sign as soon as possible. The two sides agreed to accelerate the advancement of three-terminal support projects and interconnection cooperation in Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone, Yangon New Town, and Border Economic Cooperation Zone, and sign a five-year economic and trade cooperation plan. The third is to strengthen China-Myanmar anti-epidemic cooperation. During this visit, China announced A batch of emergency assistance for the new crown pneumonia vaccine will be provided to Myanmar, and as a global public product, we will discuss with Myanmar to promote follow-up vaccine cooperation, and improve the “green channel” and “fast channel” of necessary personnel exchanges. The fourth is to consolidate political mutual trust. During the visit China stated that it will continue to support and help Myanmar to achieve domestic peace and national reconciliation, support Myanmar to properly deal with the Rakhine State issue, and work with Myanmar to oppose external interference. Myanmar also promises to firmly adhere to the’one China’ principle and continue to be involved China provides support on issues of core and major interests. Through this visit, the mutual trust and support between China and Myanmar has been further strengthened.”

Ambassador Chen Hai said that in the past year, China and Myanmar have had frequent and active interactions with high-level officials, which is particularly valuable under the epidemic situation. “This shows that China attaches great importance to the development of relations with Myanmar and other neighboring countries, and demonstrates China’s adherence to’friendship and honesty’. The concept of “benefit, benefit, and tolerance” continues to deepen friendly relations with Myanmar and other neighboring countries. It clearly demonstrates China’s support for Myanmar’s economic development, improvement of people’s livelihood, and promotion of domestic peace and stability as an important neighbor of Myanmar and Pauk Pak brothers. Under the complex and volatile international and regional situation, China and neighboring countries including Myanmar have a common will to promote peace, seek common development, and build a neighboring community with a shared future.”

Ambassador Chen Hai said that during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Myanmar in early 2020, the leaders of the two countries reached a series of consensus on the results of promoting the construction of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. Over the past year, the implementation of various achievements has achieved different degrees of phased progress. “In the past year, in the northern end, that is, the Sino-Myanmar Ruili-Musie border economic cooperation zone, in terms of the establishment of the construction entity of the Kyaukphyu Port and Special Economic Zone in Myanmar’s Rakhine State in the west, in the Yangon New Town in the east, Including the bidding and implementation of the industrial pioneer zone of the new city, progress has been made to varying degrees. The two sides have also achieved capacity cooperation in terms of railway interconnection, highway cross-border connections, power energy, and labor-intensive industries. The trade in agriculture, livestock, and aquatic products has achieved tangible results. I remember that during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Myanmar, he emphasized on many occasions that the progress of the construction of the China-Myanmar and China-Myanmar Economic Corridor must allow Myanmar’s The people have benefited early and benefited more. We have seen the advancement of practical cooperation results in the past year and fully fulfilled this requirement of President Xi.”

Regarding the current cooperation between China and Myanmar on the new crown pneumonia vaccine, Ambassador Chen Hai said that China is willing to provide active assistance and support for Myanmar’s epidemic prevention and control. “Vaccines are currently a key topic of great concern to the whole country. Myanmar’s traditional patriotic friendship and the spirit of a community of shared destiny. Focusing on Myanmar’s actual difficulties and needs, China will provide Myanmar with 300,000 doses of emergency vaccine assistance. At the same time, it is also guiding and coordinating relevant departments and enterprises of the two countries to discuss China’s vaccine procurement. Matters. We are willing to step up communication with the Myanmar side to strive for the Chinese vaccine to arrive in Myanmar as soon as possible, and play a role in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Myanmar and the health and safety of the people.”

Ambassador Chen Hai finally stated that in the past year, China and Myanmar have jointly fought against the epidemic and helped each other. He believes that after experiencing the test of the epidemic, the Sino-Myanmar Paukphaw friendship will be further deepened and the road of friendship and cooperation between China and Myanmar will become wider and wider. .



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council