Indonesia, Volcanic Eruption, Mount Merapi in Central Java (18:00 Jan 16 2021)



  • Level III (SIAGA)


  • Mount fog 0-I, fog 0-II, to fog 0-III. Crater smoke was not observed.
  • There was an avalanche of 2 times the small intensity in the direction of Kali Krasak, a distance of 600 meters.


  • Cloudy, cloudy and rainy weather. The wind was blowing weakly to moderate to the east. Air temperature 22-27 ° C, air humidity 62-74%, and air pressure 567-688 mmHg. The volume of rainfall is 16 mm per day.


■ Miscarriage

(Quantity: 35, Amplitude: 3-24 mm, Duration: 11-117 seconds)

■ Blowing

(Quantity: 1, Amplitude: 3 mm, Duration: 11 seconds)

■ Hybrid / Multiple Phase

(Quantity: 3, Amplitude: 3-17 mm, S-P: 0.3-0.5 seconds, Duration: 7-9 seconds)



  • BNPB provided assistance to 4 BPBD that were affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi
  • BNPB Distributed aid in the form of 100,000 pcs of masks, 36 boxes of salt water (216 pcs) and 100 pcs of orange clothes
  • BNPB provided DSP assistance of Rp. 1 billion for handling the impact of the eruption of Mt. Merapi.
  • BNPB provides support for the handling of refugees related to the implementation of Protkes in the form of 1 unit of antigen machine, 15,000 antigen cartridges, 200,000 cloth masks, 250 jerry cans of hand sanitizer each 4 liters to the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) in each area


  • Evacuation of victims and livestock
  • Fulfilling the basic needs of refugees
  • Handling refugees by implementing health protocols
  • Coordinate with OPD
  • It is recommended that mining in the river channels that originate at Mount Merapi in KRB III is stopped.
  • Tourism actors should not carry out tourism activities at KRB III G. Merapi, including climbing activities to the top of Mt. Merapi
  • The government of Sleman Regency, Magelang Regency, Boyolali Regency and Klaten Regency to prepare everything related to disaster mitigation efforts due to the eruption of Mt. Merapi which can happen at any time
  • If there is a change in Mt. Merapi is significant, then the activity status of Mt. Merapi will soon be reviewed

Number of Refugees: 1,329 people spread over 11 refugee points

1) Kab. Magelang Release Time: Saturday, 16 January 2021, Pkl. 18:00 WIB

  1. Determination of Status: Number: 180.182 / 444 / KEP / 46/2020 Regarding Extension of TD Status tmt 1 – 15 January 2020
  2. SKPDB structure: Regional Secretary as commander of disaster emergency response;
  3. BPPTKG circular regarding recommendations for areas to be evacuated: Prov. Central Java, Kab. Magelang, Kec. Shaman, Ds. Ngargomulyo, Ds. Krinjing, Ds. Patent
  4. Total of all refugees: 500 people spread over 5 refugee points, the details of refugees are as follows:
  • Adults: 210 inhabitants
  • Toddlers: 82 people
  • Children: 88 people
  • Elderly: 92 people
  • Pregnant Women: 7 Souls
  • Nursing mothers: 15 souls
  • Disability: 10 souls
  • Pain: 5 souls
  1. Effort :

Public Kitchen Sector

  1. Prepare personnel needs and public kitchen equipment in each barracks
  2. Prepare meals for refugees and officers
  3. Report the development of refugee food needs

Logistics & Equipment Sector

  1. Organize equipment storage and distribution of team equipment needs
  2. Data collection of logistical goods in and out of assistance from donors and procurement
  3. To distribute food and non-food logistics and equipment for evacuation needs

Health Sector

  1. Establish a health service post which includes periodic health checks at each barracks
  2. Providing Covid-19 checking and tracing services for refugees
  3. Providing health services for vulnerable refugees
  4. Implementing trauma healing activities for the refugees

Evacuation & Transportation Sector

  1. Provide an evacuation map route
  2. Prepare and ensure evacuation gathering points
  3. Opening evacuation routes, repairing damaged signs and lighting and securing evacuation routes
  4. Collecting data and evacuating vulnerable groups

Refugee Barracks Sector 1. Ensure that the number / capacity of barracks is adjusted to the number of refugees with the construction of friendly barracks for vulnerable groups (elderly, disabled, children and others) by taking into account the Covid-19 protocol

  1. Data collection on the population in the barracks according to the area where they live.
  2. Provide additional barracks with buffer villages
  3. Providing clean water facilities and infrastructure

Communication and Information Sector

  1. Provide information to the government and the public and related parties about Meerapi and its development
  2. Submitting reports to the Regional Head periodically
  3. Manage internal (inter-sector) and external communication relationships
  4. Radio Communication Facilities and Infrastructure (development information)
  • Current state of radio communication equipment:
  1. The VHF repeater is in good working order
  2. HF radios need antenna repair and resetting
  3. Radio RIG 4 Unit in good condition
  4. HT Radio 50 Unit (partially damaged)
  5. Power supply 4 units (2 broken)
  • In preparation for the eruption of Merapi, BPBD Kab. Magelang plans to rent a VHF repeater as a backup /

Additional Data

Country: Indonesia

Affected Area / Region: Central Java


Affected Families: 265

Affected Persons: 1329

Displaced Persons: 1329




Source: ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance