Seven people were arrested for their suspected involvement in a series of cheating cases.


B1) Male, 36 years old. He is traced for being a member of unlawful assembly, and drug and custom-related offences. He is currently pending sentence for cheating offences.


B2) Male, 22 years old. He was a former Police supervisee under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act.


B3) Female, 33 years old.


B4) Female, 23 years old.


B5) Male, 18 years old.


B6) Female, 18 years old.


B7) Male, 32 years old.


Investigation officers from Tanglin Police Division worked tirelessly round-the-clock to track down the offenders and detained them between 3rd and 5th November 2020.


Through a series of syndicated scams, the offenders allegedly made use of other persons’ particulars to apply for and purchase new handsets and phone lines from a Telco. They would then make the initial payment using fraudulently obtained credit card details and after receiving the brand new handsets, sell them for cash. The said Telco purportedly incurred a loss of about $43,000 from the handset sales. The seven victims whose particulars were misused were also charged for the mobile phone subscriptions.


Police officers from Tanglin Police Division mounted a string of successful operations to arrest the offenders:


On 3 November 2020, police officers intercepted a delivery of six handsets purchased by the offenders and arrested B7 along Lorong 23 Geylang.


On 3 November 2020, acting on additional leads, police officers mounted an operation and seized five handsets, one laptop, one signature pad and 23 sim cards along Bukit Timah Road.


On 5 November 2020, a group of police officers mounted an operation at a residential unit along Balestier Road to apprehend the other offenders involved in the cheating cases.

During the operation on 5 November 2020, three officers entered the unit at about 1am and identified themselves as Police officers. A total of four occupants, B1 to B4, were found in the unit.


Preliminary investigations revealed while inside the unit, B1 suddenly lunged at one of the officers and attacked him repeatedly, causing the officer to fall on the floor bleeding from the face. The second officer immediately warned B1 to stop his assault but to no avail. B2 was then seen approaching the same officer and the second officer assessed that B2 could join B1 to assault his partner.


Concerned with the safety of his partner, the second officer immediately drew his revolver and warned B1 to stop his assault. B1 did not comply with his verbal warning and continued to hit the officer who was on the floor. Suddenly, B1 rushed towards the second officer and grabbed his revolver, and a violent struggle ensued. B2 then assaulted the first officer. B1 tried to snatch the revolver from the second officer. During the brawl, for his own safety and to prevent B1 from snatching his revolver, the second officer discharged one round from the revolver at B1. This did not immediately stop B1 from his attempt to snatch the second officer’s revolver and the struggle continued.


Both B1 and B2 were subsequently subdued by backup officers who arrived at the unit later. B1 sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He was attended to by paramedics before being conveyed conscious to the hospital. B1 is currently in a stable condition. The first officer sustained facial injuries, as well as injuries to his arm, while the second officer sustained injuries on his hands and lips.


Case exhibits seized during operations along Lorong 23 Geylang

B1 and B2 were arrested for voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty, cheating and suspected drug consumption. Both men are also wanted for other cheating offences and drug-related offences.


B3 and B4 who were in the unit were also arrested for cheating and suspected drug consumption. B3 is also wanted for other cheating offences and failure to attend Court.


The Police also seized about $20,000 of suspected criminal proceeds Drugs and various drug paraphernalia were also seized from the unit.


Police investigations are ongoing. The Central Narcotics Bureau is investigating into the drug activities of the arrested suspects.



Source: Singapore Police Force