The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) has presented the Community Partnership Awards to 108 individuals and 15 organisations which include banks, remittance agencies and commercial enterprises to recognise their commitment and contribution in detecting and preventing scams. Please see Annex A for the list of the 15 organisations.

In 2019, 91 cases of scams were foiled through the swift intervention of the 108 individuals and 15 organisations. The majority of these cases are related to internet love scams, where scammers typically befriend victims on social networking sites and online dating platforms to gain their trust before defrauding them of their monies. The timely intervention by these award recipients successfully intercepted more than $5 million of potential losses by Singapore victims. This marks a 385% increase in the amount intercepted from 2018, which is only possible with the support of the community.

Apart from the swift intervention, the 15 organisations were also commended for their close collaboration with CAD in developing and implementing enforcement and crime prevention initiatives to combat scams.

Mr. David Chew, Director of CAD said, “The COVID-19 situation has brought about a new normal – digitalisation of the public space. Scams have become more prevalent and the Community Partnership Award is a testament that the partnership between the Police and our Community is important in combatting this scam trend. Together, we can make Singapore a safe place for us and our loved ones.”

The Police will continue to work closely with various stakeholders to prevent scams and to educate members of the public on the prevailing crime trends. Members of the public are advised to exercise vigilance, especially when communicating with strangers through phone, or platforms such as the social networking sites and online dating platforms.

For more information on scams, members of the public can visit www.scamalert.sg or call the Anti-Scam Hotline at 1800-722-6688. Anyone with information on such scams may call the Police hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online at www.police.gov.sg/iwitness.


Source: Singapore Police Force