Indonesia, Flooding in Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi (08:37 Jul 28 2020)



Permission to report Update on Flood & Landslide Disaster events:
-️ TIME:
Update, Monday, July 27, 2020 Pkl. 6:00 pm


Kec. West Dumoga:

1 Doloduo Village (22 KK / 81 People):

22 House Units
9 RR Home Units (Kitchen)
13 Affected / Inundated House Units

2 Doloduo III Village (18 KK / 62 People):

18 Housing units affected / flooded
Connecting Road Doloduo III Village – Toraut Ambles Village and can only be passed by 2 Wheel Vehicles.

3 Ikhwan Village (14 KK / 66 Life):

14 Housing Units …
[1:40 PM, 7/28/2020] +65 9383 4398: Dear Head of BNPB
reported DH. Gen:

4 Desa Wangga Baru (70 households / 289 people):

5 House Unit RR (Kitchen Section)
1 RR Home Unit
64 Housing Units affected / flooded

5 Desa Matayangan (4 households / 18 people)

4 Affected Housing Units with Details:
2 units of flooded houses and hospitals (kitchen)
1 Unit of flooded house and RR (Kitchen)
1 House Unit is flooded
Access to the village of Matayangan which was previously isolated, is now normal and can be passed by all types of vehicles

6 Uuwan Village (2 KK / 11 Souls)

1 RR Home Unit
1 Affected / Flooded House Unit

Kec. Dumoga Tengah

1 Kosio Parent Village (12 KK / 37 People):

1 Drift House Unit
8 Houses affected / flooded
Bridging Bridge of Kosio Kec. Dumoga Tengah & Kec. West Dumoga Pkl. 07.00 Wita Ambles in the Oprit along – / + 7 Meters.

2 Kosio Barat Village (107 families / 368 people):

1 Drift House Unit
1 RB House Unit
2 Hospital Houses Unit
4 RR Home Units
96 Housing units affected / flooded

Kec. North Dumoga:

1 South Dondomon Village (26 families / 84 people):

26 Housing units affected / flooded

Rain with moderate to high intensity that hit the Bolaang Mongondow region caused the Ongkag River in Dumoga and Kosinggolan Dam Water Discharge to overflow and inundate residential areas and damage other public facilities with water levels of 50 cm – 200 meters. North Sulawesi BMKG previously issued an early warning related to the Potential of Extreme Weather


  1. Status of Emergency Response Floods & Landslides determined by the Regent of Bolmong for 14 Days TMT 25 July – 07 August 2020
  2. BPBD Bolmong coordinates with the Department of Public Works & Public Works, National Road Implementation Office Wil. XV of North Sulawesi and North Sulawesi River Basin Office to jointly conduct a Rapid Assessment & Identification of damage to facilities & infrastructure affected by the Flood.
  3. Currently BPJN Region XV of North Sulawesi is still working on making an Emergency / Bally bridge to accelerate the restoration of transportation access.
  4. BPBD Bolmong carries out cleaning / repairing alternative pathways Via Kosio – Uuwan Irrigation Channels Using Heavy Equipment.
  5. Cleaning of Landslide Material covering the Doloduo-Molibagu road section by BPJN Region XV Sulut and Balai Sungai Sulut I region continues to be maximized and now the road access to the village of Matayangan is normal and can be passed by all types of vehicles post-isolated
  6. Emergency Response Posts start receiving assistance from agencies, communities and businesses to be distributed to affected citizens.
  7. Aid that came into the Emergency Response Post today came from:
    • Social Service Prov. ignite
    • Pertamina Sulut in the form of LPG cylinders for public kitchen needs.
  8. BPBD Prov. North Sulawesi, led directly by the Head of BPBD together with the Team, today provided assistance to the Emergency Response Post and Logistics support for affected communities.
  • Emergency bridge
  • Fast food

For the current weather conditions in the Dumoga region visually it is generally still thick clouds / cloudy.


  1. BPBD Bolmong
  2. BPBD Prov. ignite
  3. Dinas PU & PR
  4. Tagana Dinsos
  5. Health Service
  6. Satpol-PP
  7. TNI / POLRI
  8. BPJN Region XV North Sulawesi
  9. BWS Sulut I

Additional Data

Country: Indonesia

Affected Area / Region: Bolaang Mongondonw, North Sulawesi


Affected Families: 275

Affected Persons: 1016


Damaged houses: 258

Damaged medical facilities (e.g. hospital): 3

Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 1 bridge



Source: ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance