Indonesia, Flooding in Kec. Trumon Tengah, Aceh Selatan (08:10 Jul 28 2020)


Time and Location of the Disaster Event

Monday, July 28, 2020, 21:00 pm

Location of the incident

Kec. Central Trumon

  1. Teungoh Village
  2. Gampong Pulo Paya
  3. Wilderness Village Village

Kec. East Kluet

  1. Gampong Lawe Bulu Didi
  2. Gimanong Lawe Cimanok
  3. Paddy Lawe Village


Due to Rain that flushed South Aceh from 4:00 a.m. until the reporting time, it caused an increase in river water intensity and drainage of community settlements, resulting in flooding at several points in several sub-districts within South Aceh District.

Affected Data

Kec. Central Trumon

  1. Teungoh Village

House: 40 Units

KK: 40 Kk

Soul: 120

  1. Gampong Pulo Paya

Inundation Flood

  1. Wilderness Village Village

Inundation Flood

Kec. East Kluet

  1. Gampong Lawe Bulu Didi

Inundation Flood

  1. Gimanong Lawe Cimanok

Inundation Flood

  1. Paddy Lawe Village

Inundation Flood


  1. Head of Implementing Agency for South Aceh BPBD Assigns Damkar-PB Personnel Post 06 Trumon and Post 04 North Kluet BPBD Kab. South Aceh To Carry Out Early Treatment Of The Flood Event.
  2. The Damkar-PB Task Force posted a Preliminary Assessment at the scene
  3. The Damkar-PB Task Force Team Coordinates with the Local Muspika.
  4. PB Pusdalops Team Controls the Task Force Team in the Field and Makes Reports Regarding the Event.

Obstacles in the field


Urgent needs


Current Conditions

The Rain Still Goes On The Water Has Receded

Human Resources

  • Team Damkar-PB Officer Pos 06 Trumon BPBD Kab. South Aceh.
  • Damkar-PB Officer Pos 04 Kluet Utara BPBD Kab. South Aceh.
  • TNI
  • Local Muspika
  • BP BPD Regional Pusdalops Team South Aceh
  • Public

Closing :

Thus We Report An Interim Report from the BPDD Pusdalops District. South Aceh Congratulations on Duties Greetings Tough Greetings Humanity

The BPBD BPDB picket officer in Aceh Selatan district

Agusriadi, S.Kom

Okagusti Arivanda, S.Pd

M.Iqbal, ST


Address: Puncak Gemilang Office Complex, Lhok Bengkuang Timur Tapaktuan South Aceh Regency

Telephone: 0811-678-3280

WA: 0823-6828-3522



Additional Data

Country: Indonesia

Affected Area / Region: Trumon Tengah, Aceh Selatan


Affected Families: 40

Affected Persons: 200


Damaged houses: 40



Source: ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance