Some 3.8 mln Thais successfully apply for gov’t domestic tour financial support

About 3.8 million Thais have so far successfully applied for financial support under the government’s domestic tour campaign, confirmed a senior government official on Sunday.

The Thai government has offered partial financial support for a total of 5 million domestic travelers under the “We Travel Together” campaign, said the Ministry of Finance’s spokesman Lavaron Sangsanit.

Under the campaign, the government will cover 40 percent of a hotel’s room rate, not exceeding 3,000 baht (about 94.75 U.S. dollars) per night, for each eligible recipient to the partial financial aid, plus a maximum of 600 baht (about 18.95 U.S. dollars) in daily grant for food and other expenditure during their trip, Lavaron said.

In addition, the government has offered to grant 2 million domestic air tickets, each costing no more than 1,000 baht (about 31.58 U.S. dollars) for eligible recipients, he said.

The government-sponsored domestic leisure trips, spanning a four-month period from July to October, are primarily designed to stimulate the otherwise sluggish tourist industry and local economy in all regions of the country, adversely affected by the pandemic.


Source: China – ASEAN Business Council