Indonesia, Flooding in Luwu, South Sulawesi (13:00 Jun 26 2020)

Heavy rain caused flooding in Luwu Region, South Sulawesi on 26 June 2020, 0200 WITA (GMT+8). Around 590 houses and four schools are affected. The flood inundated four Sub-regions/districts and three villages, as the following:

Kec. Larompong (Sub-region)

Kel. Larompong (Sub-region)

Kec. Suli (Sub-region)

Kel. Suli (Sub-region)

Ds. Buntu Kunyi (Village)

Ds. Lempopacci (Village)

Ds. Botta (Village)

The four sub-regions above were also experience flood on 6 June 2020.’

TMA/The depth of inundation range between 30 – 50 cm.

The Rapid Response Team (TRC) local disaster management agency (BPBD) is closely coordinate with local authorities to evacuate the community.

The immediate needs for the community are clean water (WASH) and ready-to-eat meals.

Additional Data

Country: Indonesia

Affected Area / Region: Luwu Region, South Sulawesi


Affected Families: 590

Affected Persons: 2950


Damaged houses: 590

Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 4

Access to early warning: Yes



Source: ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance