Internet subscribers in Cambodia grows 20 pct to 16.1 mln in 2019

About 16.1 million people in Cambodia have subscribed to the Internet by 2019, up 20 percent compared to the year before, a spokesman for the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) said here on Thursday.

Some 15.88 million people subscribed to mobile Internet service, and 228,123 used fixed Internet service, TRC's spokesman Im Vutha said, adding that the kingdom has seven mobile internet and 38 fixed internet service providers.

"The telecommunication sector in Cambodia has seen remarkable progress in the last five years," he said in a press conference. "The sector has become an importantly indispensable catalyst to drive the economic growth, and its rapid progress has also contributed to developing other sectors."

According to the spokesman, the kingdom has six mobile phone operators. To date, those operators have sold 21.6 million SIM cards, exceeding the country's population of 16.2 million because many subscribers own more than one line.

Source: China ASEAN Business Council