Cambodia’s ruling party voices support for China’s strong measures to combat COVID-19

The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) issued a press statement on Wednesday, saying that it fully supported all necessary measures taken by China to control and contain the spread of COVID-19.

We strongly support the firm actions taken by the Chinese government led by the Communist Party of China, for its strong will and highest responsibility, the statement said.

It said the special visit of Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen to China on Feb. 5 amid the outbreak of the virus obviously confirmed the good relations and brotherhood of the two nations that understand the suffering of each other during the time of crisis as an act of spiritual support and joint efforts to fight the virus.

Furthermore, Cambodia was the only country that allowed the Westerdam cruise ship to dock at its sea port of Sihanoukville on Feb. 13 successfully with no passengers infected at all, it added.

The Cambodian People's Party views the fight against the COVID-19 virus as a global movement that needs to be based on scientific means, humanity spirit, solidarity and non-discrimination, the statement said.

It added that the CPP has always supported the Communist Party of China, as well as the Chinese leadership, the Chinese people, all patients, and especially the medical team, in the fight against the virus.

We hope that scientists worldwide will soon be able to find effective vaccines against COVID-19 and the effective cure, the statement said.

Source: China ASEAN Business Council