Imran Khan says looking forward to next KL Summit

PUTRAJAYA, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said today he is looking forward to attending the next KL Summit, and expressed sadness for having missed the inaugural conference in December last year.

Explaining his absence at the maiden meeting, Imran Khan said some friends had felt that the conference will divide the Muslim ummah.

Clearly, he said, it was a misconception because that was not the purpose of the conference as was evident after the summit had taken place.

It was evident it was not to divide the ummah. The KL Summit was far from that. In fact, (it was) to unite the ummah. Of course, I will love to come, he told a joint press conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after their meeting here.

Imran Khan arrived last night for a two-day working visit to Malaysia.

He said he looked forward to attending the next KL Summit because he felt that the conference is very important for Muslim countries to educate Western countries about Islam and clear all misunderstanding.

He said Muslim countries need the media and added that a joint media can project a positive image of Islam and fight Islamophobia.

Asked whether his decision not to attend the inaugural KL Summit has affected his country's relationship with other Muslim nations, Imran Khan said it did not have such an effect.

Source: Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia