Press Release : Meeting of the Rapid Response Center (RRC) in response to the spread of coronavirus in China

1. Today (27 January 2020) Mr. Tana Weskosith, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs chaired a Rapid Response Center (RRC) Meeting comprising concerned agencies to evaluate the situation in Wuhan, Hubei Province, in preparation for emergency plans to assist and evacuate Thai nationals residing in the city and other affected areas.

2. Since the outbreak of the pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus in Wuhan, the Thai and Chinese governments have been working closely together, with the Chinese side reaffirming its commitment to protect the well-being of Thai nationals. The Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing and the nine Consulates-General in China, such as in Kunming, have issued guidelines for Thai nationals in Wuhan and other areas to follow and take the necessary precautionary steps by avoiding crowded and risk-prone areas. The Embassy and Consulates-General have provided advice for Thai nationals who may fall ill, and emergency telephone numbers for Thai nationals have also been announced. Currently, there are sixty-four Thai nationals residing in Wuhan and another eighteen Thai nationals living in Hubei Province, the majority of whom are students and are reported safe.

3. Wuhan continues to be sealed off by the Chinese authorities in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Today, the RRC discussed possible plans to assist Thai nationals in Wuhan including possible evacuation plans pending approval from the Chinese authorities to enter the city and other affected areas. The strengthening of internal health-related measures to cope with the rescue plans was also discussed. The Royal Thai Government stands ready and will continue to work closely with the Chinese Government to offer support in the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand