On 20 January 2020, Lun Yeow Siang, was convicted and sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment for her part in cheating the then-WDA into disbursing training grants.

Lun Yeow Siang was the Assistant General Manager of a group of associated companies known as the Adonis group of companies. One of these companies was Adonis International Pte Ltd, which was accredited as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) to provide Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses. Then-WDA subsidised employers who sent their staff on WSQ courses, by providing a training grant and absentee payroll funding to defray course fees and manpower costs.

Between September 2012 and June 2013, Lun Yeow Siang enlisted a fellow Adonis employee to assist in deceiving then-WDA that employees of Adonis Group had attended WSQ courses held by Adonis International Pte Ltd, thereby allowing them to be eligible for the then-WDA subsidies. False course attendance records and assessment plans were created and submitted to then-WDA in support of multiple grant applications. These records were then used to deceive then-WDA into believing that Adonis Group employees had fulfilled the minimum attendance requirements and undergone the required course assessments. The fraudulent claims resulted in then-WDA making a total payout of more than $160,000.

Adonis Group has since made full restitution.

Lun Yeow Siang was convicted on 20 counts of instigating forgery for the purposes of cheating. 90 similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing.

The accomplice who created the documents in question has been charged with the offences of forgery for the purposes of cheating and court proceedings are ongoing.

Source: Singapore Police Force