Thailand’s state-owned telecommunication, Huawei to offer advanced, secure network communication

Thai state-owned CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT), in collaboration with Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co. Ltd., on Monday announced a new service to provide and ensure security of private lines.

Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, CAT Senior Executive Vice President said at a press conference on Monday that the two telecommunication giants will be launching a new service called the "Optical Transport Network (OTN) Premium Private Line", to support large public and private enterprises with increased bandwidth, and higher security than traditional private line services, ahead of the digital transformation trend in 2020.

Meanwhile, Woragarn Likhitdechasakdi, deputy chief technology officer of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) said that launching the OTN Premium Private Line Service will help Thai businesses and government sectors to transfer large quantities of data between different locations.

Woragarn said the new service will suit large enterprises that need a high-speed network with reliability and security such as airports, banks, hospitals and governmental enterprises.

Source: China ASEAN Business Council