Dr M Shares Approach in Managing Multiracial Nation

KUALA LUMPUR, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today shared his approach in managing a multiracial nation, which came as a surprise to many.

I have always maintained that the best way to satisfy a multiracial nation is to ensure that no one feels happy.

When you try to (make) any particular group happy, this is bound to make others be unhappy.

So the best strategy is to ensure that no one feels happy, that means you take something from everyone, and you give back something to everyone, he said.

Dr Mahathir was responding to a question during a 'Question-and-Answer' session at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Praxis Conference 2019 here, today.

He added that the government needed to make sure people are satisfied with this (managing a multiracial society) policy as Malaysia depends largely on stability and peace in moving forward.

The two-day conference which started today is aimed at reviewing progress made by Malaysia in the almost 30 years since Vision 2020 to turn the country into a developed nation by 2020 was first announced in 1991 when Dr Mahathir was also the prime minister then.

Then he was with the Barisan Nasional (BN). Dr Mahathir led the opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition to victory against the BN in the last general election held in May 2018.

Source: Office of the Prime Minster Malaysia